Recent Research Suggests Online Gaming Can Decrease Stress

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According to a recent study that was conducted in Canada at Montreal’s McGill University, online gaming can reduce stress levels.  The study reported that after playing online games, which included online casino games, the study participants showed a significant decrease in stress.

Researchers came to the conclusion that online gaming may very well improve a person’s overall health.  This is believed due to the fact that those who took part in the study had reduced cortisol levels (a stress inducing hormone) after playing games.  On average, the study found a 17% decrease in cortisol.

Other studies, both formal and informal, have been conducted on this same topic.  One American study from the Eastern Carolina University followed 134 participants for 6 months.  During this time, the researchers found that online gaming elevated the moods of the subjects and lowered their stress.

This study and several others are leading many behavioral scientists to believe that there is strong evidence that a link between reduced stress levels and online gaming exists.

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